Credit union reported my account as deliquent over $2 : personalfinance

Hi there,

I need some advice on how to handle this. Two months ago, I paid off a $3k credit card entirely. I checked shortly after the payment went through and it said I had a zero balance. Somehow between then and now, there was a random $2.66 interest charge that showed up.

I tried to use the card at the beginning of this month and it was declined, so I called the bank and she mentions the $2.66 charge and said it was no problem since it was under $5 and said she’d move money from my savings account over to it to cover the balance so I could use it again. I thanked her, hung up, and was able to use the card within a few hours so I just assumed everything was fine.

Well I got an alert on my credit today and the credit union reported my account as deliquent for that $2.66 because apparently the payment was “returned” and it was never actually paid. I never got any calls, emails, or physical mail about this. Not a single thing. And now my credit has dropped 52 points. I can’t believe this. Especially in the midst of this crisis.

I called the customer service line and she told me I’d have to call the credit department when they open tomorrow but there was “probably nothing they could do since I didn’t pay on time regardless of the amount.” Then she proceeded to say she’s seen the same thing happen to another person over $0.39 and “that’s just how it is.”

Do I have any recourse for this? I’m calling the credit union’s credit center tomorrow, but based on all the reviews I’ve seen, I’m probably not going to have a pleasant time, so I’m just trying to get prepared for what I need to do next. Can I dispute it? Anything? Thanks for the responses, I’m just freaking out a little as I’ve never had any bad marks on my credit before.

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