Cortexlabs Airdrop Review -Get Earn Upto 500 CTXC

About Cortexlabs Airdrop

At the core of the Cortexlabs Airdrop project is a team of developers with deep roots in both AI and blockchain. We seek to build a strong open-source AI on Blockchain ecosystem by enabling on-chain AI inference and decentralizing AI. The first decentralized world computer capable of running AI and AI-powered dApps on the blockchain.

Cortex Blockchain is an open source public blockchain that seeks to solve one of the biggest challenges facing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum today – on-chain AI execution. Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM) is a framework that allows efficient machine learning inference on the Cortex blockchain. It enables the integration of machine learning models into smart contracts and dApps.

Basic Details
Token Name Cortexlabs Airdrop
Platform ERC20
Value TBA
Token 0 CTXC
KYC KYC Is Not requirement
Whitepaper Click Here To View
Referral 10 ZXC
Collect Airdrop Click Here To Collect Free Airdrop

First Step

500 CTXC – For Social Media Tasks

Second step

200 CTXC – For the Influence/Referall System 

Third Step

100 CTXC – Interest Rewards – This is a Reward based on your Token holdings.

Cortex At a Glance

Cortex Virtual Machine

Cortexlabs Airdrop is EVM-compatible with added support for on-chain AI inference, which utilizes the GPU instead of the CPU to execute nontrivial AI models on the Cortex chain.

AI Inference Engine – Synapse

A deterministic inference engine that guarantees exactly the same AI inference result across heterogenetic computing environments, allowing for deterministic on-chain AI inference without resorting to off-chain solutions.

AI Smart Contract and AI DApp

Cortex adds machine learning support to smart contracts and DApps to adapt to real-world use cases. Developers can use the popular language Solidity and off-the-shelf AI models on the Cortex storage layer to create AI-enhanced DApps and smart contracts.

Decentralizing AI Research

Cortexlabs Airdrop seeks to foster an open-source ecosystem where AI researchers and developers are incentivized more than ever to share their models with the world.

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