Community Rewarding Gateway for FinTech Proj

  • One-time KYC for all projects
  • Early entrance into exclusive projects
  • Quality control of projects published on the platform
  • Maximum discount for registered users
  • Audit and legal compliance of all listed projects
  • Referral bonuses and remunerations for investors

MarketPeak Decentralizing Finance

Decentralizing the whole financial system including currencies, loans and insurances will disrupt every industry. Unprecedented opportunities are offered to Investors. However, investors and Startups are running into a lineup of problems that limit development. MarketPeak wants to become bridge between the two parties, investors on the one hand and Startups and Projects on the other hand, to enable a great success for everybody.

Strategic development plan

MarketPeak has been rolled out as a fully-fledged platform on may 2019 and is currently hosted on a server (centralized solution). Since then the first products have been offered to the community. After the successful exit from the first stage, a hybrid solution will be developed that allows storing key information (user structures, financial transactions, etc.) in the blockchain and ensuring fulfillment of obligations between platform users and projects using smart contracts.

If by this time the community has grown and the business model is optimized, giving the platform a proof of concept, a fully decentralized financial platform (DeFi) will be rolled out to market.

Technology & Software Architecture

State of development

After being in a beta phase for 8 month our platform is already live and operational in its first version. As we are a community driven platform we listen to our members and provide updates and optimizations on their feedback. 2020 we plan to roll out a semi decentralized platform while looking forward to bringing a fully decentralized Version into life the year after, 2021.

Roles in our system

  • Every customer in our system is primarily a user.
  • Some users can act additional as affiliates, promoting projects, products, and services.
  • Companies that can post their crypto projects, products and services for sale to users.

Marketing Strategy

MarketPeak platform with a community offers an infrastructure and once a certain number of active members have been reached, you can benefit from economies of scale. The challenge is therefore to reach this critical threshold of active users, so that more and more companies with better offers use our platform. In order to reach this threshold as quickly as possible, we are pursuing the following growth strategy:

MarketPeak’s team members have years of experience in paid advertising and have built a fast network of contacts across several social media channels. Initially, we will focus on the creation of targeted PPC campaigns on:

  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • Partner Media Buying Sites


MarketPeak community managers will expand our organic reach within the crypto community, starting with the existing network of founders, such as by Sergej Heck.

Community engagement will be done primarily through Telegram, Medium, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to begin with. We will use these platforms to build up a following as well as establish a presence in the crypto sector to help interested parties understand our ecosystem and its products.

Digital Marketing

We have a very capable group of marketers who are using the Beast, known as digital marketing. Online digital marketing enables us to achieve a global reach and to the right audience. It requires creative, technical and analytical skills packed with marketing. Intelligence. Our team includes experts in Google, Facebook, Media Buying, Analytics and SEO with year of experience in their trade.


MarketPeak Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) Policy is designed to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing by meeting the European AML legislation standards including the need to have adequate systems and controls in place to eliminate or at least mitigate the risk of the firm being potentially used to facilitate illegal financial activities.

Our escrow agent, they will be in charge of the KYC / AML procedure in regards to token event. Secondly, we will require enhanced and strict riskbased customer due diligence, identification, verification and know your customer (KYC) procedures, including in depth due diligence and continuous monitoring for those customers presenting higher risk.

Features of the MarketPeak Platform

Easy Usability & Responsive Design

The platform is user friendly by providing a clean design and clearly structured interface that works on all devices.

Best conditions

Due to our partnerships, you can benefit from the best conditions for projects and products that you usually would not get.

Safe & Secure

Regular updates and checks are done in order to provide the greatest possible security and a stable platform.

Personal Education & Easy Communication

Online Coaching and live webinars facilitate organic growth and community building. You also have access to our internal messaging system which allows easy communication.

MarketPeak Token

The PEAK Token is an ERC-20 Standard compliant Token on the Ethereum Blockchain that is minted on demand. MarketPeak decided against having the full Supply available from the start because we hope that making ourselves unable to dump large amounts of PEAK on exchanges helps showing that we’re an actual business building a growing platform we believe in.


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