Citi card fraud, asking for text verification : personalfinance

Hello- hopefully this is an appropriate place to post this.

I logged in to my citi app tonight to check my credit card balance. I was greeted with and alert about fraud and a number to call. I called the number published in the app. Just by giving my name and last 4 digits of my account number the representative seemed to find details about my account. However it got strange when she mentioned she was going to send me a one-time-password via text; which she needed me to read back to her.

This sounded to me like she was trying to defeat my accounts 2 factor authentication. I told the rep I am not in the habit of sharing passwords even if they are just one time use. She got very rude and I ended the call.

Has anyone dealt with Citi before and had to Verify themselves via text?

If this is an attempt to hack my account, is it possible that the citi mobile app is compromised? This was not an email that came in it was the same citi app I have used for years.

I am going to call the number on the back of my card tomorrow during regular business hours, but I am curious if this is standard procedure or not. Thank you.

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