Byteball Airdrop Review – Earn Some Free Daily Byteball Bytes

About Byteball Airdrop

Byteball Airdrop is a secure P2P payments ecosystem that allows for risk-free conditional smart payments. Byteball was launched with the intention to distribute 99% of the supply of its native currency Bytes for free to the widest possible audience. Initially through airdrops to Bitcoin holders. At the time this seemed like a wonderful idea, Bitcoin had the biggest community by far and a lot of early Bitcoin holders deeply care about the philosophy behind it.

Byteball March airdrop is cancelled. It was announced in this tweet by Bytelball. Read more on how Byteball is distributed on Bitcointalk. 98% of all free Byteballs and Blackbytes will be distributed to current Bitcoin & Byteball holders. Byteball airdrop is with every full moon. Read more about Byteball on website.

Byteball Airdrop Basic Information

First Step

Download and install the Byteball wallet client (lightweight wallet). If you need help with installation, check out this installation video.

Second step

Open Byteball wallet client. Agree to the terms of service, choose between a full or light wallet (light wallet recommend) and give a wallet name. Afterward, your wallet is fully set up.

Third Step

Click on the “Chat” tab in the bottom of the client.

Fourth Step

On next view, click on the “Bot Store” tab above and choose “World Community Grid linking bot.” On the following page, click on “Add Bot” button.

Fifth Step

Now the bot view opens. The bot asks for your language. Choose it by clicking on your language.

Sixth Step

The bot will show your username in form of “Byteball_.” Copy the username and leave the wallet/bot open.

Seven Step

Sign up on WorldCommunityGrid by providing your username (from the bot), email address and password.

Eight Step

Choose projects you wish to spend processing power for.

Nine Step

Download, install and set up open-source BOINC software (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing).

Ten Step

Click on this link to get to the Byteball’s team page and click the join button.

Eleven Step

Go back to bot in Byteball wallet and click “Check my account.” The bot validates your WCG sign up. If everything is fine, you got a success message.


Now you finally need to link your Byteball address to get payments. Go to “Receive” in the bottom tab and copy your address.

Thirteen Step

Go back to bot and paste your address. You receive a message that your address was linked successfully.

Last Step

When you run the BOINC software, it automatically retrieves, downloads, processes and uploads tasks. You do not have to do anything further, just let the software run. Based on the amount of your computer’s completed tasks you will get an automatic daily payout of Bytes to your wallet from the bot .

1 byte of data always costs 1 Byte.

Transaction fees are proportional to the amount of memory required to add the transaction to the ledger, at a ratio of 1:1. To add 1 byte of data to the ledger always costs 1 Byte in fees.

As long as you can calculate the total size of the transaction in bytes of memory, you know the exact fee. This provides developers some peace of mind, as they know if their app becomes popular users are still guaranteed the same low transaction fee.

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