BofA seems to have autonomously initiated a wire transfer to one the recipients saved in my recipients list : personalfinance

Location: Los Angeles. Bank: Bank of America. This morning, I noticed a wire transfer was pending to one of the recipients saved on my “recipients” list. I do some digging and see that automatic payments have been set up and there’s a scheduled transfer every month indefinitely into the future. This recipient is a former landlord that I haven’t paid in over a year and I never used automatic payments for this person, I only paid them using this feature once for the first month’s rent around 2 years ago. I have absolutely no idea how this happened. I called BofA and they said there’s nothing they can do, they told me to contact the landlord and ask for the money back. I did (and he seems cooperative for the moment) but I don’t see any way this guy is going to believe me; just listening to myself, I sound like a scammer. Has anybody experienced something like this? Any ideas what may have happened? What should I do?

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