Blue Wallet Integrates with HODL HODL to Release In-App Private P2P Bitcoin Trading

Blue Wallet & HODL HODL

The open-source and Bitcoin-focused mobile app ‘Blue Wallet’ is going to introduce private peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin trading by integrating with the peer-to-peer exchange Hodl Hodl. Now Blue wallet’s users would be able to buy and sell bitcoin privately without revealing their identity or transaction records.


Blue Wallet app is available on iOS and Android therefore both iOS and Android users can easily check available P2P offers for Bitcoin in the app directly. Currently, users of Blue wallet would only be able to view offers available on the Hodl Hodl exchange however according to the BlueWallet co-founder Igor Korsakov, wallet users can trade Bitcoin directly through the app after the full integration between Blue wallet and Hodl Hold exchange which will happen very soon.

The KYC-free, non-custodial P2P trading

This integration means a combination of a non-custodial wallet and non-custodial trades. According to the CEO of Hodl Hodl Max Keidun, this has not happened before in the world of Bitcoin.

Being a peer-to-peer exchange, Hodl Hold is not doing any know-your-customer (KYC) checks and this is the reason that Blue Wallet has decided to integrate with this crypto exchange as the co-founder of Blue Wallet Igor Korsakov said:

“We chose Hodl Hodl because it’s the only peer-to-peer marketplace that isn’t doing KYC and isn’t going to. This will be very important in the coming battle for privacy in bitcoin.”

Through this new integration, they want to bring KYC-free, non-custodial P2P trading into the world of Bitcoin and want to bring more and more people toward this KYC-free P2P trading. Max Keidun further said that this is a “next step in BTC mass adoption and the next step in the adoption of P2P trading” as well.

On Friday, Blue wallet’s team introduced the first version of the “Local Trader” feature powered by the P2P exchange Hodl Hodl.

The battle of privacy for Bitcoin is coming as the pressure from regulators is increasing more and more with each passing day. To offer KYC-free, non-custodial P2P trading through this new integration is a preparatory step by Blue Wallet and Hodl Hodl for that coming battle.

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