Announces EOSIO Virtual Hackathon in Response to COVID-19

EOSIO Virtual Hackathon

The company, expert in providing blockchain solutions,, announces today that they launch a virtual hackathon to provide better solutions to face challenges amid Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus still has strong roots in more than half of the world and is affecting the US very badly causing damage to a large extent. The blockchain industry is serving at its best to contain the virus. Many blockchain-based trading platforms are participating at forefronts in giving donations to non-profits.


Hackathon: Coding for Change

On April 24, announces that EOSIO Virtual Hackathon will start from May 1 and will contribute much to offer better blockchain solutions to tackle problems resulting after the pandemic-world. The hackathon “Coding for Change” will play its revolutionary role to help people against COVID-19 as well as companies to ease negative impacts on financial infrastructure.

Hackathon “Coding for Change”

Serg Metelin, the head of developer relations at, said:

“This will not be the last crisis we face, so our goal is to solve for the future by focusing on what we’re learning now. Although this is a competition, we expect a high level of cooperation between participants united under the same goal of tackling the most pressing challenges at hand. We’ve seen it previously at the EOSIO Global Hackathon series and expect even more so at this Virtual Hackathon.”

Initiative to Empower New Blockchain Solutions

The blockchain publisher software is an expert in organizing competitions, thus adding a significant share in pushing the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

“The blockchain community is passionate about using technology to make the world a more safe, productive and enjoyable place. We share in the belief that blockchain is a critical component in solving many of the new problems that we’re facing during the COVID-19 crisis, and we hope the EOSIO Virtual Hackathon will inspire increased ingenuity and lead to novel new solutions,” Metelin added.

In this competition “Coding for Change,” the company set the prize of $100,000 for the winner. At the start of the year, they also distribute the prize to the winner of the smart contract Blockchain puzzle.

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