Bison Trails Is In Collaboration with Coinbase Custody to Offer Polkadot Staking

Polkadot Staking

The blockchain infrastructure company Bison Trails has signed a partnership agreement with Coinbase Custody to allow Polkadot staking. Through this integration between them, they will allow clients to stake DOT tokens of Polkadot.


Bison Trails says in the announcement made on Tuesday, April 14, that it will provide support for the Polkadot protocol and validator infrastructure to let customers of Coinbase Custody stake Polkadot’s DOT tokens and earn staking rewards through participation. It will help to secure the Polkadot protocol.

The integration will help customers stake securely and easily

Bison Trails’ validators will let Coinbase Custody’s customers stake Polkadot’s DOT tokens safely and securely. The CEO of Bison Trails Joe Lalloz says that this integration will help remove the barriers in the blockchain space and will make it easy for them to participate in the network, stake tokens, and then earn rewards easily.

According to Bison Trails CEO:

“One of the ways we can encourage greater participation is by focusing on the user experience. By removing the need for command line tools and manual engineering work through integration with a top custodian, we’re enabling customers to much more easily participate in the network.”

Staking is a Key element of the crypto ecosystem

The CEO of Coinbase Custody Sam McIngvale says that they are looking forward to working with Bison Trails and are expecting a pleasant experience. Sam McIngvale is of the view that staking has become an important element of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and therefore, they want to make it easy for customers to participate in Proof of Stake network through its integration with Bison Trails.

Sam stated:

“Staking is an increasingly important element of the crypto ecosystem. It provides Coinbase Custody clients, many of whom have obligations to their investors, with a crypto-native way to participate in network rewards while also contributing to the security and governance of the ecosystem. Working with partners like Bison Trails allows us to offer our clients an easy way to participate in Proof of Stake networks like Polkadot (DOT) at launch. We look forward to offering more crypto-native features for our clients in the future.”

Coinbase Custody had already announced support for DOT tokens in February this year. Now it is offering Polkadot staking and wants to make sure that clients stake DOT tokens securely and safely.

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