BerryX Creates An International Crypto Cooperative, P

Major Berry’s supplier in Polar region

Arctic nature is able to prepare for the long and harsh winter for a very short and cold summer. Even before the onset of cold weather, wild animals and birds, inhabiting forests and tundra, have a possibility to enjoy gifts of nature, and stock up on the necessary energy for upcoming winter.

Due to polar day, sun never sets from May to August, thereby summer just compensates for the lack of heat lots of sunshine. All this create the conditions under which the northern berries that grow in circumpolar regions, absorb the force of nature and become a real source of vitamins and minerals, as required in the winter.

BerryX company is engaged picking and further processing of wild berries and mushrooms growing in the Russian North, and supply of natural and frozen product to Russian and foreign enterprises. The interest of wild foods is increasing along with the increasing popularity of consumer interest in healthy and balanced diet day of the day. Every year we are expanding the network of purveying centers to increase the volume of the purchasing of wild berries and mushrooms, to meet the ever growing demand.

BerryX Marketing Analysis

Global berry market has seen constant growth powered by the increasing consumption of superfoods, popular in various places around the globe. According to the forecast, the market size of organic berries is expected to reach a market value of over $ 81,000 million by the end of 2027. This includes fresh and processed berries, with the latter the clear leader in the market. The type of processed berries also includes the frozen form, which is predicted to become the dominating segment at over $ 45,000 million by the end of 2027. The global berries market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.1% during the forecast period of 10 years.

BerryX Tokenomic

For transactions within the cooperative as well as between members, such as the exchange
of shares, etc., ERC-20 token “BerryX” based on Proof-of-stake, a consensus algorithm, is being introduced. The token has 18 decimal places. The initial token emission is 100 million BRX, and the final emission is 1 billion BRX. Eighty percent of the emission is put up for public sale through a smart contract, with 12 percent of the emission being allocated to the development team. The airdrop is 8 percent. Unrealized tokens are burned on completion of the crowdsale.

Token Distribution

80% Public Crowdsale
12% Team Bonus
8% Airdrop



Ilya Minin, Founder, CEO

Sergey Matveev, Co-Founder, Head of Commercial Division

Eero Mäki-Jokela, Co-Founder, Head of EU Division

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