Bazooka is a ERC-20 and Decentralized Investment

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Bazooka is an ERC20 token based on Blockchain technology with limitless digital currency which aims to revolutionize the E-gaming, Sports betting and E-commerce industry. This platform with active use cases in E-gaming, Sports betting and p2p betting and E- commerce. Employing the Ethereum Blockchain based smart contracts, Bazooka is aiming for mass adoption. Unlike other Blockchain based gaming platforms which primarily use Ether and Bitcoin for transactions, Bazooka makes use of its specialized ERC20 tokens – Bazooka to facilitate transactions on the platform.

Token Basic Information


  1. Most of today’s Cryptocurrency have been challenged by an unstable and volatile market. This model has failed, hurting those that can’t afford it the most. Typically, “Whales” takes advantage by manipulating markets and exchanges, and greedy investors cause further damage through their pump-and-dump schemes. Today’s cryptocurrencies are barely-suited for mass adoption by people who need to trust that their investments maintain and increase in value.
  2. High profit-generating E-gaming platforms owned by a single group/entity with limited transparency running on out-dated technology stacks.
  3. Traditional online sports betting platforms available in the current market, work in a completely centralized manner and operating profits are shared between selected individual(s)/group(s).

Bazooka Solution

  1. BAZ provides a token with a value driven features that rises over time, because of it limitless usability with use cases in E-gaming, Sports betting and E-commerce which aims to revolutionize the industry plus low circulating supply. This new model will create a reliable asset that people can count on to maintain value and rise over time. By creating an ecosystem around the token, Bazooka has utility and can be used on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Using Blockchain technology helps provide the transparency and verifiability to make sure the houses do not try to cheat players by rolling out incorrect results to the platform. Traditional gaming platforms will be compelled to adopt the technology provided by the Bazooka platform and in turn increase the platform’s user base as a whole.
  3. Although this may not seem as much of a problem at the moment, with the incoming shift from centralization to a decentralized future, the current model has a high-risk of being outdated in the coming years. Bazooka is well positioned to take advantage of this upcoming shift to decentralization- where Bazooka holders will have a say in how the platform moves forward with a decentralized governance model, receive profits generated by the platform for each session and even get to contribute to democratically selected charitable causes.

Market Analysis

Blockchain-based gaming is still in its infancy, there aren’t trustworthy data sources providing usage statistics of the emerging market as of yet. However, statistics for online-gaming are available and would portray acceptable representation of our target audience and future growth potential. The worth of the global PC online game market in 2018 is expected to reach 32.6 billion U.S.

Why ERC-20?

 Enhances token liquidity
 Reduces risk of contract breaking
 Reduces the complexity of token interaction
 Uniform and fast transaction
 Confirms the transaction more efficiently

Bazooka Sports Betting

A community-owned gambling website, all profits are paid out daily to members that stake BAZ tokens. Focused on fairness and sustainability,It has a huge strategic advantage over its competitors in the space because BAZ tokens rise in value. Members that wager are rewarded BAZ tokens based on their level of play. The initial offering at launch by Bazooka is a sport betting platform with multiple sports offerings such as; European Football, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Soccer and more. All games, bets and outcomes on the platform will be saved on Smart Contracts.

P2P Betting

The Bazooka P2P betting platform will provide the medium for anyone to make a bet at any time on anything – capture and book it via smart contract, and exchange BAZ upon completion. This is a Blockchain based peer-to-peer betting platform where you control the bet type, size, and event.


Electronic sports (Esports) experts considered 2018 a landmark year that cemented space’s potential as the next billion-dollar industry. Research firms like Statista estimate that global revenues for the wildly popular, still nascent sector may even surpass that milestone this year — particularly because of the number of companies and investors getting in on the Esports market. Estimates from Newzoo project that the global Esports market will exceed $1.6 billion by 2021.

Bazooka Wallet

A simple and secure wallet, where Users can safely store, receive and send tokens. Our mission is to make bazooka safe and accessible to everyone, we will design our wallet from the ground up with a very simple and user friendly interface, without sacrificing the privacy and security experienced users expect.

Spinning program

Every Bazooka token holder with a minimum of 100 Bazooka will automatically be given an entry into the session’s spinning program for every 100 BAZ they own, up to a maximum of 5 entries. Snapshots would be taken randomly every month in no specific time, so it’s advisable to always have a minimum of 100 BAZ at each time in your wallet to be part of the monthly spinning program. The spinning program does not require any manual interaction from the user.

Bazooka API

The Bazooka API will be used primarily to retrieve sports betting metadata. The API will deliver metadata required by the front-end such as league names, tournament names etc., without bloating  smart contract with data that does not require decentralization and also helping to reduce gas fees. Games on the Smart Contracts would be identifiable by their IDs.

Advantages of the Bazooka

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Great Rates Confirmed
  • Best-In-Class Investments
  • Fiat Support
  • Asset Under Secure Watch
  • Built by People For People


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