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Dear all,

I am currently planning my savings/investment scheme for my retirement and I would appreciate some advice.

My situation:

26 years old

Paying a mortgage for a house.

1600 remain every month after taxes and mortgage, from which we can discount 600 euros for living expenses, leaving a total of 1000 euros per month to invest/save.

6000 euros in savings.

My professional situation is stable, with my salary either staying the same or (most likely) increasing in the following years. Currently working in a Czech Republic country.

Note: all my income is in fact in CZK, just converting for easier communication.


I would like to retire early and I am willing to save aggressively to do so, adding up to 800 euros per month on it.

Given this, what is your advice to set up a savings scheme for retirement ?

Best regards,


EDIT: country of residence

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