AlgoTrader platform adds 5 new crypto exchange adapters, Level II data and more

AlgoTrader platform adds 5 new crypto exchange adapters, Level II data and more | CryptoNinjas

AlgoTrader, a Java-based algorithmic trading platform, today announced the release of software version 6.0; which includes the following new functionality: New exchange adapters, Level II data, aggregated order book, and more. Available on-premise or in the cloud, AlgoTrader is an institutional-grade algorithmic trading software solution for quantitative research, trading strategy development, strategy backtesting and automated trading for both traditional securities and crypto-assets.

New AlgoTrader 6.0 Features

  • Exchange Adapters – Deribit, Huobi, OKEx, Kraken, and Bithumb connections have been added.
  • Level II  – Level II order book data is now included for all market data adapters. The new AlgoTrader UI Order Book widget shows users all buy/sell orders available at each price level.
  • Aggregated Order Book – This combines order book data from various exchanges into a single chart which shows the total liquidity available in the market. The aggregated order book is also available to execution algos; allowing them to select the best trading venue based on available market liquidity.
  • Hazelcast Cache – By integrating Hazelcast as AlgoTrader’s new caching layer, this has increased both the simulation and live trading speed by a factor of 5 to 10.
  • Three new out-of-the-box sample strategies.
  • Cryptocurrency reference data can now be downloaded automatically upon startup to make sure users always have the latest contract data.
  • It is now possible to subscribe and unsubscribe for new market data during InfluxDB based backtests. This is particularly useful for options-based strategies where new option contracts are selected and traded throughout a backtest run.

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