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About Counos Crypto Escrow

Counos Crypto Escrow is the Best Tool for secure and safe online trades based on crypto currencies (Counos Coin, Counos X, Bitcoin, Litcoin, … ) payments. The Safest way in escrow service It is a three Parties contract. The buyer and the seller, plus the escrow agent which each one owns Private key for MultiSig wallet, in this way none of parties alone have access to Crypto Asset and Just by agreements, would release it from 2 of 3 Private principal Private Keys owners.

It mean (Buy and Seller or Buyer and Escrow Agent or Seller and Escrow Agent) so in Middle If any Conflict happens Escrow agent base of Contract Judge and refund Assets to buyer or Seller and if both parties satisfy and agree without escrow agent can release the asset by entering own private key. You can find in this link Counos Crypto Escrow Tutorial, which is the best Tools for All Crypto and Bitcoin OTC deals.

Token Basic Information

Why Use Counos Escrow?

By using Counos Crypto Escrow, you are guaranteed to be provided with a measure of protection, so you can safely buy and/or sell goods and/or services online. CCA uses MultiSig (Multisignature) wallet technology, which is a digital wallet that requires three signatures (buyer’s, seller’s, and escrow agent’s) to release the funds, to guarantee the safety of the buyer’s financial assets and also to guarantee that the seller is fully compensated after the delivery of goods and/or services.

Powerful And Easy-To-Use

Powerful Dashboard

Counos Crypto Escrow provides a powerful dashboard to manage contracts and contact the other party directly.

Always Up-To-Date

You will be notified of any change and progress in contract or message from the other party by email and notifications.

What Are the Different Roles in Escrow?

In any escrow arrangement, there are three main roles; seller, buyer, and the escrow agent. Seller is the person who is willing to offer specific goods and/or services to be sold. Buyer is the person who wants to purchase the goods and/or services offered by the seller. Counos Crypto Escrow agent is the entity that oversees that the trade is done properly, the seller is compensated fully, and the buyer has received the promised goods and/or services.

MultiSig Wallet

MultiSig or Multisignature wallet is an electronic wallet that requires, as the name suggests, multiple signatures to open. A MultiSig wallet requires three digital keys to be opened, which are the signatures, so to speak, or the digital keys of the buyer, seller, and the escrow agent.

Buy cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat money on Counos Escrow system

Yes you can purchase all the coins that Counos Crypto Escrow supports in exchange for fiat money. To do so, the cryptocurrency holder creates a contract as buyer. In the contract terms the buyer specifies bank account info and the amount that should be sent to it. Then the buyer transfers the amount of cryptocurrency he wants to sell into the MultiSig wallet. The seller (the one who pays fiat money in this case) transfers the amount of money stipulated in the contract terms to the bank account of the other party, after he receives confirmation from the system that cryptocurrency was deposited, and then he transferred the amount transfer document to the buyer. After buyer receives confirmation of the amount that was paid, the cryptocurrency deposit will be transferred to the seller. In this structure, you can easily buy the cryptocurrency of your choice from any anonymous seller.

Counos Escrow Guarantee the Security of a Contract

Counos Crypto Escrow provides an unparalleled level of security with the MultiSig wallet technology, which requires the private keys from all the parties involved in a contract in addition to the private key of the escrow agent in order to get access. Thus, no one can take money out of it without the consent of all the parties involved and with the permission of the escrow agent. Therefore, the security of the trades is fully taken into account in Counos Crypto Escrow contracts.


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