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HelpCoin a first crypto coin that applied Proof of Social Work. This is not a new blockchain consensus algorithm; we don’t release blocks at all. This task lies on the network Stellar, which quite successfully copes with it. But our unique, charitable token HelpCoin releasing only after our platform receives confirmation of the fact of providing charitable assistance to any application published on our platform! No more busting hashes, only helping people can release a batch of new coins HelpCoin!

HelpCoin are releasing HelpCoin in order to attract with it new donations that will save many more lives! Whenever you purchase a HelpCoin on this site, we turn the money you received into a charitable donation and let you know when the funds find a recipient.

Token Basic Information


The economic model of building any charitable organization does not provide for any balance; philanthropists constantly attract donations and charitable grants, at the expense of which they carry out their charitable activities. Given the fact that our project is charitable and absolutely unprofitable, this has also affected us. We also need to attract charitable donations and use them to provide charitable assistance, while attracting donations will be in the emerging cryptocurrency market, which is not overloaded with altruistic sentiments, that is, we need a fairly effective motivational tool.

HelpCoin Mission

HelpCoin strive to expand horizons of charity, filling it with interactivity, absolute transparency, safety and innovative financial solutions. We call this a useful evolution of charity. We strive to popularize cryptocurrencies and cryptotechnologies, showing one of the many options for their useful applying. We make cryptocurrencies able of changing a person’s life for the better.

We strive to popularize charity, to involve new people and new financial potential in it. We turn charity into a popular and honorable activity, participation in which is very interesting and profitable.

Distribution of donations

Output of donations

Receipt of funds from both the operating account and the charity is possible only through the publication of applications with a detailed plan of estimates. Through such applications, real-time spending of funds is reported.

Charity account

Donations from charity account can only be received by applying for charitable assistance, which can be published by any person. Any connected charitable organization will be able to choose any application and take it to work, the platform serves only those applications that have been accepted into the work by a charitable foundation.

On applications that cannot be taken into work, employees of charitable organizations
unsubscribe, stating the reason for which they cannot serve such an application — this allows to adjust the content of the application by the person who published it.

Operational account

Designe to cover operating costs of platform and ICCF “HelpCoin”, to ensure transparency and reporting in real time, access to funds is also carried out through the publication of the application.

Operational applications are approved automatically and do not require community participation, since donations from users are not used to cover them, but they do allow comments on these applications in order to indicate the places to be optimized or corrected.


Open charity, only Peer to Peer and no intermediaries. Communicate directly and openly, ask, comment, evaluate and decide whether to help or not. HelpCoin verify everyone who asks for help to protect you from scammers. With us, your donation will be delivered from hand to hand.

HelpCoin Safely

Managed donations, it has become possible with us, donate at your convenience, choose any application for help and do not be afraid to make mistakes, you will always have time to return your donation and send it to another application or split the donation into parts and help several people at once.


In some countries, participation in charity determines the social status of a person. This is a very good trend and we decided to apply it on our platform. HelpCoin record the charitable activity of each member of our platform and, as a result, reward leaders with virtual awards. It’s an honor to be kind, let the world know its heroes, create your own success story in charity!

HelpCoin Profitable

Donate easily and receive Charity Reward for each of your donations, the platform will offer you a gift in the form of a unique charity Token HelpCoin. This is the first charitable coin in the world provided with socially useful action, new coins appear only after the person who has asked for help, received it from you. 70% of all coins ever issued will be distributed in this way. To do good with us is not only easy and convenient, but also profitable.



Babii Petro, Founder, CEO, Developer

Radaev Ivan, CTO, CMO

Ivanov Sergey, Developer

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