61 things to do at home when your kids are bored (springtime edition)

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We’ve all had those days when the kids are bouncing off the walls but you can’t leave the house — whether it’s raining, someone has springtime allergies, the car’s in the shop, you’re pinching your pennies (go, you!), or whatever.

Here are 61 fun, cheap things to do as a family when you’re stuck inside the house and the kids — and maybe even you — are getting cabin fever.

Fun things to do when you’re stuck at home (but have a yard)

  1. Go camping in the backyard.
  2. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  3. Stargaze.
  4. Have a movie marathon (perfect for rainy days).
  5. Go to your neighborhood park or playground.
  6. Make mud pies.
  7. Splash in puddles.
  8. Play board games.
  9. Go on a backyard picnic.
  10. Hula hoop and jump rope.
  11.  Play hopscotch.
  12. Sing silly songs.
  13. Find cloud animals.
  14. Play catch.
  15. Build an indoor fort.
  16. Go on a treasure hunt around the house.
  17. Find a craft (we’ve got LOTS of ideas HERE).
  18. Watch the birds.
  19. Watch the sunset (or sunrise).
  20. Read a book (or two or three).
  21. Learn about a new country.
  22. Have a video chat with someone far away.
  23. Play school.
  24. Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show.
  25. Play hide and seek.
  26. Bake cookies.
  27. Take funny selfies.
  28. Have a tea party.
  29. Put together a puzzle.
  30. Climb a tree.
  31. Play cards.
  32. Make a banana split or sundae.
  33. Have a pillow fight.
  34. Set up an obstacle course.
  35. Make homemade ice cream (try this Skittles Ice Cream).
  36. Play charades.
  37. Look at baby books.
  38. Make short videos using a smartphone.
  39. Play video games (set up a tournament).
  40. Color in a coloring book.
  41. Make a birdhouse or birdfeeder.
  42. Paint a picture.
  43. Have a lazy jammies day.
  44. Junkfood breakfast!
  45. Play dress up / make a fashion show.
  46. Tie-dye a shirt.
  47. Make a “campfire” (inside with flashlights) and tell ghost stories.
  48. Wash your car by hand.
  49. Play bingo.
  50. Take a bubble bath.
  51. Have breakfast for dinner.
  52. Make some homemade soup.
  53. Blow bubbles.
  54. Have a dance party.
  55. Have a paper airplane contest.
  56. Make play-dough.
  57. Make goop.
  58. Make slime.
  59. Bake bread (or cinnamon rolls!).
  60. Make up your own holiday and celebrate it.
  61. Learn a new recipe.

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